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Russian River Vineyards Library Collection

We are very proud to announce the first release of wines from the Russian River Vineyards Library Collection.  These are our most age-worthy, rare, and collectible wines, withheld from sale until they have been aged sufficiently to be at their peak of structure and balance.

When you purchase from our library collection, you can be assured that you are enjoying our wines at the pinnacle of their quality.

"Older wines are an acquired taste.  They are now pretty rare because the industry has taught consumers to drink young wine.  These wines were meant to age. "


- Anthony Austin

Please note that we ship out of the tasting room Monday through Wednesday.

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These wines are a part of our Library Collection, which is comprised of a select group of our most age-worthy & rare wines. There are just three vintages (2014, 2015, 2016) of this estate wine remaining in any significant quantity.  This set of three wines is a great value and perfect way to celebrate this incredibly unique Merlot, which is unlike any other Merlot you are likely to try.  

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